Sunday, September 09, 2007

God Guys

In honor of the start of the Sunday School season - I'll share this Parker story from yesterday. He asked Dad where Upchuck was. (Long story short he's a Ben10 character who Parker says has puke powers). A few mintues later he said, "Don't worry Dad. I found him by the God Guys." Steve could not figure out what he meant. He went in and there he was in the Willow Tree Nativity. I also noticed there was a brontosaurus, but Parker said that's ok because he's a statue.

On the Emma bday party front - we ran to WM yesterday afternoon. I was organizing my scrap room and realized I needed LOTS of containers so while there we also got a few more party things and I also ran her by the toys to see if her wish list was the same that I had emailed to everyone. She is having an eclectic party. Power Puffs Girls cake, Bratz pinata (on clearance, yes!), Dora plates and a Bachelorette crown to wear. She said she she wanted to go down the girly toy aisle and pretty much pointed at everyone. If it's got glitter, a horse/pony, a girl or a pet she wants it. I also took her by the bikes to feel her out on which one she wants. (She's getting a new bike from us. The poor thing is riding a tiny hand-me-down one right now and her legs are way too long for it). She still says she wants the Little Mermaid bike. Of course it is the most expensive one and I looked and it's 12" and she needs a 16". We'll keep looking....

Not sure when the house will be getting cleaned since I think we have stuff going on every night this week, but it's trashed 3 minutes after everyone gets here so why do I worry about?
A pleasant surprise yesterday was a mini pack of some Daisy D's scrap paper in the mail. It's the perfect size for cards. I had signed up for the chance to get some free product and yipee! It even matches the stuff I won at Archiver's last month.

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