Sunday, September 16, 2007

Biker Birthday Babe

Miss Emma is officially the big 0-5! She didn't get the $70 Little Mermaid bike, but she got a snazzy new purple and more cost efficient bike and didn't seem to care. She kept telling Daddy she loved it. She had birthday cupcakes (mostly frosting) for breakfast...but when it's you bday it's ok! We crammed a lot into the party...presents, cake and pinata. We got rid of a lot of the parade candy! (And more importantly I got rid of my scrap mags) Most of the presents are now out of their boxes (and twist ties) and are now all over the house! It's good she got some toys since this poor little girl hardly has any....

The zonked picture is what happened when she got home from school Friday. She was absolutely exhausted from all the bday celebrationing I guess. Of course we couldn't wake her up and then she woke up around 11 that night. I have a feeling she'll be zonking early tonight too. Earlier this afternoon her eyes were pretty heavy.

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