Sunday, September 02, 2007

Chippy Mac Harry Potter

You may wonder who Chippy Mac Harry Potter is? I wondered that myself since Parker kept talking about Chippy Mac from school. A new friend? Nope. He's the chipmunk that hangs outside their class window. The class even took a vote on what to name him. Chippy came in first, Mac second and Harry Potter third, hence the name!

I have even been halfway domestic this weekend and cleaned (a little), cooked a couple meals and made zucchini bread yesterday and banana bread today. (It's amazing what you can get done if you don't sneak in a nap). I like to make the mini loaves and then freeze them. Parker LOVES banana bread and can easily eat a mini loaf in a sitting. I told him about the zucchini bread, but he said he wouldn't like it. Later he's eating away on it and said the banana bread was delicious. I'm not about to correct him.

Emma has decided on a Powerpuff Girls cake for her bday. Not sure where that came from but maybe she feels like she can relate to them because of their big eyes? I'm sure this will be yet another toy we'll need to buy a bunch of :-) She also found a sequined crown in some bachelorette stuff that was clearanced at WM so she's planning to wear that to her bday party.

We've never had much luck with getting hummingbirds to eat from our feeder. Year after year one will stop by on occasion, even if we put it near some flowers. Now the last few weeks we have been attacked! They have drank almost two of those light bulbed shaped feeders full of nectar and we have now put one out back by the other feeds since there is a dumb one that hangs out all day flying by the seed feeder. When he went to refill the one out front, he was swarmed! We have had seven of more at a time some days. I just looked out back and there were 4 on the tiny feeder. They were spending most of their time fighting each other. If you look closely at the picture there are at least 4 birds. This was taken yesterday and necatar is done to the skinnier part.

I've even managed to get some scrapping stuff done. I finished up my stuff for the September kit on This will be my last time designing for them. Their kits contain things that are definitely my style so that is nice. The newsletter will be available midmonth on their website. I found a few cute paper mache things at WM I just had to have so maybe I'll tinker around with that tonight. Paper mache usually involves some sort of painting and since my scrap table is always such a mess I usually put off doing it. I also made a few jewelry things for fun this afternoon to submit to a new bead magazine that had extended a call. I'm not holding my breath since I don't know a whole lot about jewerly!

The kids spent a good part of the day outside and should sleep well tonight. Once they are in bed, I'll watch BB. Of course I already peeked to see what happened on the internet. I'm such a cheater....

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