Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm A Tiger - Hear Me Roar!

Parker had his first den meeting tonight. Today Steve went and got his uniform - complete with precut sticky stuff to stick the patches to the shirt (sweet). Steve also attached the patches. I think that's only fair since I've been going to the meetings! I've been threatening to volunteer him to be assistant den leader :-) Of course about 15 minutes after we get there he loses his metal neckerchief holder somewhere in their yard...sigh.... It was getting dark fast and E and I looked for it with no luck. It was at Aidan's house (P's best bud) so he was more than a little wound up. We will be emphasising that a Cub Scout needs to be a better listener and have fun but not get too goofy. I think he's going to a sleepover at his house soon too. If between two busy families we can come up with a date. I took some pics and this is the best one. The pics where he is upright he of course that goofy weird smirk going on. I'm tired so that all you're getting tonight on the kidlets.

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