Wednesday, September 19, 2007

They're Not Spicy!

It's hard to believe but these are not all the water bottles currently in use at our house. There are probably at least 3 or 4 more strewn about (in the van, bedrooms, etc). Water bottles constantly fill the dishwasher...water bottles constantly roll around in the van....water bottles are constantly empty...

There is not a day goes by that these are not used. They aren't used by me at all (I'm terrible about not getting my 8 glasses a day) and Steve has one that he'll use when it's hot out. Other than that it's all about the kids. Parker and Emma have always hated pop...too spicy...and I'm not going to argue about that with them. They also aren't big on Kool-aid - I think my childhoold revolved around Kool-aid.. They used to drink milk and juice quite a bit, but with the exception of milk with Parker's cereal, Emma's "strawberry" milkie and milk at dinner everything else is pretty much water. They are not happy if they open up the fridge and there is not a water bottle in there. Parker is quite proud of himself though that he can now fill them. If they are in the van, they instantly get thirsty. And of course with sports there is always the need for a bottle too.

As I was unloading 6 bottles out of the dishwasher and putting 3 new ones in - I thought of how many of these things I see everyday. Life used to revolve around bottles and sippy cups and has now moved onto the water bottle. If I get enough ambition I'll be doing a scrap page about it!

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