Friday, June 17, 2005

May They Rest in Peace

This has NOT been a good week for animals at our house. Coopie is fine, thank goodness (annoying as ever, but all ours!). Pulled out to go to work today and Marshmallow had been run over in front of our house. It had to have happened within the last 20 minutes before that as he wasn't there when Steve left. I had the kids with me, so I didn't stop to get out and didn't let them know I saw him. I felt bad leaving him there (I'm pretty sure he was dead), but I had the kids with me. Lauri was very bummed too, since he'd been sharing homes between the two of us. I probably should have come back and checked on him, but Steve had already left and I wouldn't have known what to do with him. Poor thing. He was annoying, but we'd all gotten pretty attached. He was great with the kids and let them chase him all over. Emma had just tried to get him to go down the slide the other day. Cooper won't have a sparring partner either now. I guess we can use this as a lesson for the kids not going down by the road. (Emma went down to get the mail yesterday, it scared the heck out of me)

We also lost our fish this week. We'd had 3 fish forever. Especially the one head and tail light. They were in that huge tank and Emma loved them, so we decided last weekend to run to Walmart and get them some friends. A few days later, they have all died from something. It looked like they got bubbly things all over them. Before the kids I had tried that as well and lost my favorite big sucky fish and some others. Both times were Walmart fish, you'd think I'd learn my lesson. I made Steve put the fish tank away. I think we'll just get her a goldfish, much easier!

I've decided that's it's time to get a dog, since we are having bad luck with other kinds of pets. I want in indoor/outdoor dog, he wants an outdoor dog, so we'll see who wins! We're thinking about getting one from the no-kill shelter in town.

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