Sunday, June 26, 2005

Spiderman's Superpowers and Horsey Tails

Well my week of vacation is now nearing an end. From what I've heard there has been drama at work (as usual), so will probably take me half of Monday morning to get caught up!

Today was our work party at Adventureland. I woke up at 5:30 (thanks to Parker) and could hear the thunder and rain. It wasn't looking good. We got everyone dressed and decided to head out and see what happened. Emma wanted to wear a "horsey" tail, but then of course changed her mind and went with her hair down, but what's new? It stopped raining on our way there and it couldn't have asked for a nicer day. Of course still a bit hot, but I don't think as bad as it has been earlier this week. The kids had a blast... riding the carousel, the train, the boats, the balloon ride etc. Our work lunch came with chocolate milk, so they were thrilled as well and then they mowed down on cookies and popcorn before we left. I think I've figured out why I keep needing to buy bigger pants, our work functions come with tons of food. We didn't do strollers or wagons, since it would have been P that wanted in the stroller anyway and E would have wanted to walk everywhere. They got tuckered at the end, but overall acted great. Neither never ran off, but do get distracted a bit. And of course I asked P did he need a potty break, he said no and then two minutes later in a line, oops gotta go! On the way home he wanted to go to Sonic and eat a hamerger (hamburger). Yeah, right. Then later tonight he and Emma both told me, let's go to Sonic tomorrow and have nuggets and fries. It must be a conspiracy. They've never even been there, but I'm guessing he thinks Sonic is related to a video game. Anyway, he fell asleep on the way home and slept from probably 2:30 to 6 (and was dry when we woke up). Emma didn't even have a nap (did have quiet time for about an hour), so they were kind of reversed today.

Emma was kind of happy about the no nap thing, since she got to watch Thomas as much as she wanted until he got up. They were good and smelly/sweaty so I did baths. I treated them to Spiderman and My Little Pony Bubble Bath (it was on sale and we'll just refill with the cheap stuff). They were both so excited. Each came with a bath toy and they played forever with them tonight. Spiderman and Pony were playing hide-n-seek in the tub. Emma didn't even scream when I dried her hair. It was about 8, so I went ahead and put them to bed. I knew she'd be tired. I didn't figure he'd be so I talked with him for awhile in bed. He was telling me about his crocodiles. They drive a van like mine, but it's green. They are grey and yellow and sleep on his pillow. Somehow we got on the topic about Spiderman's powers against crocodiles and I said he will protect him at night, so maybe we could leave the light off and close the blinds tonight. He said Sure! These crocodiles have been bothering him for a few months now (only at our house) so he's been sleeping with the light on, so I made a big deal about how proud of him I was. I said Cooper keeps my crocodiles away and he said Marshmallow helps him with the crocodiles too, by swatting at them with his tale.

I know they said/did some other funny stuff I can't think of right now, but Adventureland wore me out too, so I'm off to bed.

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