Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Sibling Rivalry or Lack Thereof

It's so funny how one minute the kids are fighting or doing things to irritate each other and the next minute doing something sweet for each other. Tonight Parker went outside and picked a white flower (weed) out of yard and came in and said, "Mommy, this is for you." He gave me a hug. Emma was sitting by me and he said, "Sister you need a flower too," so off he went to get another. She was very excited. Later Emma called it celery and ate half the stem, but it was soooo cute. About 15 minutes later they were fighting over the computer, so you take the moments when you can.

I figured out what 2 year olds have nightmares about. I could hear her crying about 10 last night and when in there to check on her. She's a noisy sleeper, so if she's talking we usually ignore her, but she was sobbing hysterically. I went in there and she was sitting up half asleep, upset that Thomas (the train) dropped his ball of yarn. I got her settled down and sang her a song and she went back to sleep. She cried off and on during the night about Thomas some more. Parker is still sleeping with a lamp on, but he zonks all night, so I guess we'll leave it for now. He's scared of crocodiles in his room for some reason. The last couple nights after he's gone to bed, we hear his Spiderman pinball machine come on. So far he only plays it a few mintues before he goes to sleep, so we'll let him play it for now.

Parker is thrilled that the kids are out of school now. The older kids can play Xmen with him. He's such a little game nerd, just like his mommy. Emma took her duck game to Lauri's yesterday and at first didn't want to share, but then Lauri said after I left she shared with the others and had a good time.

Emma is like me (and Grammy) and loves to talk. People always said about their own kids that they don't shut up, keep asking questions etc when they are toddlers. I just thought they were making that up, as Parker was not that way. He does talk more and more now, but it generally revolves around video Anyway, Steve said tonight that after they got home, Emma would not shut up. She'd repeat everything over and over and keep asking questions. Right now she's up in bed carrying on a conversation with her bedmates. I can officially say my kids are total opposites!!

Emma called the tent something so cute yesterday morning and do you think I could remember it? I'll have to ask Parker, because when she said it, he said "No sister, that's a camping."

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