Wednesday, June 22, 2005

As the Wednesday Turns

Poor Parker, he once again waited for Emma to get up so they could swim. It was ripping hot outside and I wanted to wait till the sun wasn't quite so bright. She was still zonking, so he ran around squirting the hose for awhile. I finally got her up and eventually she was ready to swim once daddy got home. They got out the Spiderman sprinkler and had a blast. So glad Steve was out in the heat and not me! Had a couple minor tantrums with Emma, but after she calms down she realizes she shouldn't have done it. Parker and I rocked out to the new VBS CD tonight. He's learned so many of the words already and they've only had a couple 20 minute practices. He played his drums while I strummed guitar and sometimes daddy was on the keys. He has pretty good rhythm already, I'm hoping both kids are musical! VBS program is tomorrow night and it should be entertaining... poor E really wants to go to VBS. Parker keeps saying that Marshmallow is up in the sky hunting. He seems to be ok with it now.... whew!

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