Friday, June 10, 2005

I'm Parker the Sailor Man, Toot Toot....

Parker has discovered the old Popeye cartoons and is suddenly for into spinach. Steve took the kids to the store today and P found a can of Popeye Spinach. He was thrilled. Everyone he saw, he told them about his spinach. I think he was more excited about the can than the actual spinach, but did take a small bite for lunch. I guess Emma didn't want to eat lunch, so she went down for a nap early because she was cranky. While she was napping, Steve got out the inflatible pool I got after the summer season last year. It's big enough to fit an adult or two in it and was only a couple bucks. Emma did get a chance to swim for a few minutes before a storm came up. I'm sure if it's nice tomorrow, they'll be getting plenty of pool time.

Some other Parker Potpourri I forgot to mention earlier was:
1) At his last soccer game, he scored two goals. One though was basically the coach kept the ball away from the others so he could kick it, but the second one was legitimate. If he'd played a few more weeks I'd think he'd have it figured out. He's always worn out by the end of practice.
2) After soccer, I was busy cleaning because the babysitter was coming. Parker wanted to go outside, so I said stay near the house. I kind of lost track of time and realized I didn't see him on the front or back patio. I went outside and he was over at the neighbors playing baseball with their grandchildren. I guess Parker had just been sitting on the patio and when he saw the kids, he went over and said, "Hi, my name is Parker." He's definitely not as shy as he used to be!

Still trying to get Emma to go potty on the potty. She sits on there forever, but doesn't go. She was dry after her 3 hour nap today, so she can definitely hold it. Tonight Emma, giant Care Bear and I spent 45 minutes in the bathroom sitting on the potty. Care Bear wouldn't go either! We sang songs and had a lot of fun. I got great pictures. The best of Emma I've taken in a long time. Promise to post some or probably just email them out. She was singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider....... Down came the Rainbow and up the clock it went.... Out came the rainbow and up the clock it went..... She loves to sing.

Going with Marnie and her sister Heather to the Iowa Scrapbooking Extravaganza tomorrow in Ankeny. Turned in our change jar, so now I can buy, buy, buy!! Also hoping to hear from Marnie if her little one is a boy or girl!!

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