Monday, June 20, 2005

We've got a new animal at our house

A Dyson Animal that is!!! Our old vac, bless it's heart, has not worked worth a **** for quite a while. I about threw my back out, just trying to vacuum one room the other day. Steve is in love. He was testing out all of the attachments on different stuff in the living room tonight.

As for Marshmallow, we figured the kids would be asking where he is. Since we were gone this weekend, they didn't really think about it till now. Tonight they ate outside on their little picnic table (that's the one I found in a ditch) and they started looking for Kitty Marshmallow. We said he wasn't here anymore and Parker started to cry. We explained he went the heaven and that sometimes you aren't able to say goodbye before things go to heaven. Emma then cried because Parker cried. P wanted to leave food in his dish so he'd come back. We left out the gruesome details that he got hit by a car. I also didn't mention we might get a dog, since that wouldn't happen till at least after vacation next month.

Today was the first day of Bible School. He's only going Mon, Tuesday and Thursday mornings. He's still in the 3 yr old class and they don't go every day. He was kind of quiet and sad when we got there and said he didn't want to go, that he wanted to go to Lauri's. I said I'd sit with him for awhile. Ended up staying since there were 13 in his class and more adults were needed. He didn't want to participate at first and then all of a sudden he snapped out of it and was ready to work on his craft, whew! He didn't cling on after that, but I did draw a lion for him as we are still struggling over trying to get him to draw or color. He did ask me a couple times when was it over, but on the way home he said, "Mom, I love Bible School."

Emma is continuing on her potty streak. It's kind of hit and miss and if we don't ask her to go, she generally just goes in her diaper, but if you sit her own, she goes and is very proud of herself. Yesterday at a picnic with Steve's side, Emma even peed outside twice. I was trying to get her to squat, but then P went standing up, so she had to too. Emma was a bit of a stinker for awhile at the picnic, not wanting Parker to get near "her" slide. She is very vocal when she doesn't get her way and it can get frustrating. She did snap out of it and then was fine the rest of the day. Parker was in the best mood most of the day.

Going backwards to Saturday, in the morning he had zoo class. This was Parker's day to be a stinker. He went to zoo class last year and the first couple of times he was very quiet and didn't want to do much there. He then loved it by the end. This was the first one this year. We go to the zoo a few times a year and P&E have a certain direction/system that they go when they get there. P and I did not follow that on our way to class, so that immediately upset him. It was a bit embarassing since every other kid was coloring their lion name tag but mine. He did make another picture and was happier with that, since he had me draw a train on it. We then walked around the zoo afterwards and he was fine.

Both have been crankier than usual lately and fighting more with each other. I don't think either have been getting enough sleep lately, plus being outside when it's hot wears them out faster. Of course the last couple days when both could sleep in, they were up early. 5:30 this morning for P. Now next week, we'll be dragging them out of bed again.

We headed to a wedding Saturday night. I was terrified to take little Miss E, a.k.a girl with no inside voice and Mr. P, a.k.a boy with ants in his pants. We actually sat for about an hour without no large outbursts. P was antsy, but at least it was a quiet antsy. Both wanted to sit on my lap at the same time, but managed to avoid a yelling match since E wanted on Grandma's lap instead. Went to the reception for awhile with the kids. They didn't do too bad for them, but after about 4 hours of wedding stuff, they were getting cranky and P did not want the lights dim and tried to turn them back on during the dance, oops. Poor things, they got tooters to blow, but then we wouldn't let them blow them because it wasn't time yet, then there was music, but wouldn't let them dance yet and then there was cake, but wouldn't let them eat it yet (and no candles on it, Parker thought it was a birthday cake.) Then headed across the street for a beer afterwards. Still back to R and J's before 1 in the morning.... so we still are pretty boring.

I'm sure I'm missing some stuff, but when you procrastinate on posting, I guess that's what happens. Going to Adventureland this Saturday with the kids for my work party, then back to Exira the weekend after that for the 4th and then the week after that headed to Branson. I am sooooo ready for a vacation!

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