Saturday, June 04, 2005

Lack of Happenings

Pretty boring around here the last couple of days. Maybe there were some Hansen Happenings of some sort, but I haven't really been home much. Stayed late at work Thursday night because of month end, but can't really complain much because I was able to leave at 7, but a bunch of them were there till almost midnight. Then last night I went cropping with Marnie.

In a few minutes we are leaving for our last soccer game. Planning to take the video camera and record his first foray into organized sports. Tball starts in another week. He loves to hit the ball, but can't figure out the glove thing yet.

We are going out tonight for our anniversary, which means I need to spend all day cleaning before our sitter gets here! Anyone know of any good movies out in theaters right now?

Tomorrow after church we are going to Roni's in the afternoon for a BBQ. I'm bringing beer bread and BLT dip, so gotta get that made today, without me eating all of it before then.

So as you can see no funny stuff from the kids the last couple of days.... but just give them a few minutes and something should happen.


Marnie said...

Cinderalla Man - boxing drama with Russell Crowe & Renee Zellweger?

The Longest Yard - prison comedy with Burt Reynolds and Chris Rock and Adam Sandler?

Heather said...

we are going to the star wars if everyone is clean and fed and we can make it before it goes to night time rates!