Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Girls Night Out

The last weekend in July my sisters, mom and I are heading to Council Bluffs for a girl's, gambling, a movie and eating. This will be so much fun and I'm sure we'll be hoarse from all the talking. I think the Hansens have stuff every weekend until sometime in August. I kind of like to be busy though, I hate being trapped in the house all weekend.

P had another TBall practice last night. I missed the last half as I went to a Stampin UP party (not sure if Steve has seen the $ damage yet). Steve said he did pretty good. He's getting good at fielding and is throwing overhand. He hasn't grasped the whole concept of baseball, but he's getting there.

Tonight we all ran to the store. The kids get the biggest kick out of shopping. I've never seen kids so excited to see Cheerios. I can see them one day at Fareway, Parker as the bag boy and Emma is the teen girl the older guys ogle.

We're planning to take the kids to Thomas when it comes to Boone in September. Emma will literally probably blow a gasket. Trying to figure out when to go, as E's bday party is around the same time and also a Crop for the Cure and Fall Festival in Exira. Plus I'm sure soccer will be in there too!

Not much else to report, pretty boring around here! We are all excited for the weekend. Better go find the matching Hansen shirts!

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