Monday, June 27, 2005

The Crocodiles Have Left the Building!

Parker woke up this morning so excited that Spiderman had kept him safe from the crocodiles.... Best $2 I ever spent! He's had these bumps (kind of like skin tags) on the left side of his tummy for quite awhile. (Emma has one on her arm and calls it a muscle). I think he's been itching them or something, because lately they are red and sometimes scabby (sorry to be gross). He told us today that is where the crocodiles were biting him. I said they should go away then since Spiderman is keeping him safe, so hopefully he'll stop itching them (but I never see him messing with them). I'll have Lauri peek at them and see if a doctor should look at these "crocodile bites." He said that my red dots (moles) are also from crocodiles. What's weird is that is the exact same spot Emma has her furry spot on her tummy. Apparently all the chocolate or caffeine from when I was pregnant is the culprit!

Both kids were in the pool a bunch today and then would come in to cool down for a bit and then they were at it again. Emma has not been very tantrum oriented lately so that's been nice. Maybe we're over that already??? (wishful thinking I'm sure)

Not much else to report. I did forget to post that Friday night I was at Walmart and some old guy came up and started telling me about his underwear. He was unhappy that WM didn't carry them anymore since the last time he bought some was 7-8 years ago. He opened up his drawer and noticed most of them have holes and that one pair won't stay up because the elastic broke, so he figured it was time for new ones. I"m not sure if he was married or not, but if he is, she's one lucky woman! (Maybe Alan Funt was nearby??) I just kind of stood there nodding. He was a distance from me, so now sure if he smelled of stinky old man or not. Then I ran over to grab some pretzels and cereal and who has the sample person cornered right by the cereal??? Underwear man! So I skipped the cereal... Steve and Parker will just have to wait on their Toast Crunch!

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Rachel said...

Too funny about Underwear Man! I too would have stood there and listened. It is hard to be mean to someone who hasn't bought new underwear for 8 years!!!