Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Serious 'Tude!

I know it's only a stage, but this Emma attitude is getting old! P had VBS again this morning (he's loving rocking out to the songs) and I gave him the option on the way home that he could either play at Lauri's for the afternoon or go home with me and we'd pick Emma up. I was planning anyway to pick them up by 3 or so, so that they could swim before TBall. He chose Mom, so we stopped to get Emma. When we got home Steve was there because he had been working nearby and was there for lunch. Emma then began freaking out over everything like usual. She didn't like the show that was on TV, didn't want daddy to leave, didn't want to eat etc. A terrible tantrum, so I tried a variety of things. Ignoring her, yelling back, swat on the keester and finally went with the: you're going down for a nap then. This whole time Parker is finding this kind of amusing, especially the swat on the butt part. What's so frustrating is then all of a sudden she'll be in the best mood ever for the rest of the day. This was probably about 12:30 or so. After she calmed down a bit I gave her the option of coming downstairs for lunch or staying upstairs. She said I'm tired, I want to take a nap. P and I hung out then doing a variety of things (all the while me trying not to nod off) and he wanted to swim. E wasn't up yet but should be soon, so he went outside. Checked on her, still sleeping. After awhile P went to "check" on her and woke her up.... she went back to sleep. Later I went in and made a bunch of noise, woke up and went back to sleep. Finally at about 5 Daddy woke her up. She's probably still awake upstairs now, she can't possibly be tired. P had TBall tonight and was excited for it. He did better than last week, but TBall is so slow moving that by the end of the 50 minutes, I think what made him the happiest was running the water cooler. He gets easily distracted when nothing is going on. He did great at fielding the ball, just need to work on the throwing. E was busy making new friends. She found two "babies" to play with. They were smaller then her, so therefore they are "babies."

I'm home with the kiddies tomorrow (no VBS for Parker and Lauri is off) so I think we're heading to my work to visit and then going to McD's playland in Des Moines. If we get there early, maybe we can avoid some of the skanks and annoying people there. The pool has been refilled so after E's snooze, hopefully can swim some more. Thursday is then VBS again in the morning and program that night. Nothing on Friday, so planning to have some time to myself. I will get at least one nap in before I go back to work next week!

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