Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Where a Kid Can Be A Kid (apparently without adult supervision)

Well we are back from our whirlwind morning. Kids of course got up early (since there was no reason for them to) and we bathed and got gussied up to visit my workplace today. I had Emma is her little denim mini (waiting for her mop-o-hair to air dry before we left) when... of course, she soaks it. I had put a pullup on and apprarently she peed right around the pull up. She ran around with out a diaper on for a long time this morning before that and no accidents. About the same time as the soaking, I'm getting P dressed when E comes in carrying the strawberry syrup, because she wants red milk. Of course, got it in her hair and on her shirt. So we put a jumper/skirt thing to cover up the shirt and off we went. They loved the parking garage (because of the number on the walls) and then we went on the alligator (elevator). P loved it, E was a bit scared and then they were excited when we went to number 8. E was a bit shy, but both warmed up and talked a bit. They also ate a bunch of Tootsie Rolls while they were there.

Then off we went to McD's, it was $1.59 Happy Meal Day. In hindsight, should have gotten those to go! You take a McD's on the southside (crusty), a BUNCH of kids and a few parents/adults, warm weather and $1.59 H Meals and it's chaos! We got there at 11:30 and we managed to find the last table. There is some McD's guy running around making sure all kids have socks on, but apparently they don't care when there are junior high kids up in the tubes racing and trampling all the little kids. (I thought about complaining, but don't think it woudl have mattered, plus E is actually too young for the playland yet.) Also apparently every little kid there, liked to do that high pitched squeal scream. My kids are by no means angels, but they no not to push a little kid down the slide because they aren't going fast enough or budging in line for the Nintendo games. Of course the parents are busy ignoring everything. E didn't seem phased by the noise or chaos and went up in the tubes anyway. P pretty much played Nintendo most of the time. There was a Tigger game that he could play (I don't understand how he knows how the buttons work already). He loves to play table hockey, but of course large crusty kids hogging as usual. We stayed till 1 and then actually left without incident. Emma kept saying, those kids were loud and yelling.

E is now down for a snooze and P is watching Garfield reruns. Emma calls Garfields food, Basagna (lasagna). Planning to get in the pool later, but it's sooooo hot right now. I think we'll wait till E gets up when the sun isn't so bright.

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