Friday, June 24, 2005

I went to Bible School!

Poor Emma was upset again this morning that she couldn't go to Bible School. We have been listening to the CD of songs in the van and at home this week. Both kids have picked right up on them. On the way to the program tonight, both of them were singing the songs at the top of their lungs having a great time. We got there plenty early and both were dancing with the teacher's kids before the program when they were testing the music. We realized there was no way that Emma was going to stay in her seat while the program was going on, since she knows the songs, so of course up she went. She had on Parker's zebra visor and he had on his tshirt and necklace he made this week. She rocked out with everyone else. She moved around alot, but she was mostly in the back. We could here on the one part, singing louder than anyone else. P did great too. He's was so proud of himself for knowing the words I think. They then got monkey tatoos and cookies afterwards, so they were in heaven. There was a tent set up in a room (safari theme VBS) and Emma went in and said, "Children, come play with me!" Emma so excited that she got to go to "Bible School." Then on the way home she got upset because it was over, but it was past bedtime so didn't have to listen to her too long. Parker of course, went to bed without a problem. He seems to be over his morning sleep ins. For the last week now, when Steve is in the shower he wakes up and tells me to get up. Emma has been sleeping in, so next week could be interesting.

We're off to Adventureland on Saturday for my work party. Kids should have a blast. Hoping to get there right when it opens, so we don't have to wait in too many lines. There is a train ride and both will love it.

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