Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Camping 101

We bought Roni's tent and air mattress in hopes of taking the plunge and venturing out with the children camping. I prefer a camper with all of the immenities, but I'll be brave and sacrifice! Steve set it up yesterday and the kids love it. Especially the part where you chase each other from one end to the other over and over again. Marshmallow also killed a bird in there today, so guess that's a housewarming gift. P calls the tent a "camping" and so our first actual camping experience, will I'm sure make the blog.

We ventured out Saturday night to celebrate our anniversary. (I forgot to mention I got a beautiful plant from Steve at work on Friday. Bad me, for not mentioning that earlier!!)We ended up seeing Crash. Very good movie, but also disturbing, one of those you wouldn't want to watch over and over. The kids were excited that they were going to play with Katy. Lauri wanted to play with them too, so we ended up dropping the kids off up there and they were going to have a BBQ. Kids had a blast. The weather got kind of yucky out, so Lauri just kept them up there. P zonked out, but E fought sleep until about 11. First thing Parker said when he woke up Sunday is I played Xmen.

After letting the kids sleep in Sunday (shame, shame the 3 of us skipped church), we ventured to Roni's for her BBQ. We quickly stopped off to buy P some sandals and lucked out. He has wide feet and usually it's a huge ordeal to find any. The cousins had fun playing with each other. Both kids were a bit crabby before we got there, but then cheered right up and played soccer and baseball. Emma crashed in the afternoon and said I want to lay down. Actually I should say "lei" down as she had about a dozen plastic lei things around her neck when she zonked. Of course I took pics, but still procrastinating on posting any, as that would involve work on my part. The girls headed to Big Lots (oops accidentally bought some scrapping stuff) while the men and kids napped back at Roni's.

This morning was soooo hard to get them up. Both were pretty crabby and tired when I dropped them off today. I felt tired and crabby too!

But of course the biggest news of the weekend, is I'm going to be an aunt again! Roni and John are expecting right around the end of the year. Yes!!! A new niece or nephew and also I can unload even more of my kid stuff and also unload my maternity clothes.

And did I mention, so glad it's not me...hee, hee!

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