Sunday, June 12, 2005

P's Big Pee Adventure

I was out with Marnie and Heather today scrapbooking and shopping, so Dad was in charge. The weather was decent enough that the kids spent hours out in the pool today. Parker ending up pulling "it" out twice and peeing right where he was (he likes to aim at one of our little trees) and of course while this happened, our new neighbors were outside both times. This aren't the same neighbors Parker went to when he was missing for while the other day and I didn't know it. I guess Emma was a bit of a pistol today and wouldn't eat lunch and then laid upstairs for a couple hours and wouldn't take a nap. She crashed and burned around 6 tonight and I guess she immediately passed out in bed.

Found out my friend Marnie is having a boy, way cool! Wish I could have unloaded my girl clothes, but now holding out for Roni to have a girl. If she doesn't then someone else please and soon, the closet is getting full!

Posting some pics since I haven't in awhile. Hopefully they won't be too small. Still trying to figure out this "bleepin" picture thing. The one of her in the wind is from about a month ago at moms and the other two pics of the kids are from within the last week.

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