Thursday, June 16, 2005

Kitties and Horses and Crocodiles, Oh My!

After days and days (ok weeks and weeks) of either trying to convince her to go, or her just sitting there for a half hour with nothing happening (she generally did this before bedtime so she could stay up later), we had potty action tonight! I had decided to bribe her with an actual gift, instead of just everytime she sees something at the store I say, go potty and that can be your treat. A card store I went to today had a sale, so I got her a pink kitty purse and a pink Beanie Baby pony (she calls it a unicorn). I wrapped it up and said if you go potty, you get to open it. She sat down and kept saying, "Come on pee pee, come out!" She kept trying with no success. Then she said, "Mommy, I went. " I hadn't heard anything and she's said this before... but lo and behold, I heard it a little bit. I asked if she was done, but she said "No, I'm going pee pee like Claire. (Her friend from daycare). She went some more and was soooo proud of herself and I was too. We went outside to tell daddy and then she got to open her present. She loved it, especially the horse. She said Cooper could use the kitty purse. Right now she's upstairs in bed with them, talking to them, telling them to go potty. And it sounds like one of them stole her drink...she's so funny with her stories.

Parker has been such a bear to get up lately. We've gone back to putting him to bed at 7:30, but that hasn't helped. When he used to wake up at 5 in the morning, I just wished he'd sleep longer. Now I got my wish, but now he doesn't want to get up. He sneaks back to bed after you get him up. Of course on the weekend, he'll probably be up at the crack of dawn. Next week I'm off work and he's going to Bible School in the morning, so maybe he can get caught up on some sleep. He's also been into wearing red tshirts, guess I should have bought more than two!

He still seems to be scared of the crocodiles. He said they sit on his pillow when he goes to sleep, so he still has the blind up and the night light on. He never wakes up screaming or anything though. I promised him that we wouldn't let the crocodiles get him, but apparently he doesn't believe us!

He had craft class tonight and made a ladybug and a bug house. I can't believe he was willing to touch a live bug. He got scared of those last year after he kept getting bit my mosquitoes and had a couple ticks in his hair. Emma always want to go to class, poor thing, she doesn't have to wait much longer. Emma and I have started shopping together when he's at class. We hit Goodwill and Dollar General, because Walmart gets too expensive when I'm just trying to kill time. No great deals for the kids tonight at Goodwill, but did get a pair of Khakis for $5 for me and a white tshirt for $1 for a Bible School craft at Dollar General.

That's about all to report at the moment. Need to start getting stuff together since we're heading back home this weekend. Parker has zoo class Saturday morning and then the Freestar is on it's way.

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